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Re: possible bugs with colored-stats

From: Arnaud
Subject: Re: possible bugs with colored-stats
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 11:38:52 +0100
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Le 29.10.20 à 06:54, Clark Wang a écrit :
> I can reproduce the similar issue with my bash 4.4.12 and PS0="\[\e[0m\]"
> fix it for me.
> -clark

I had to change at one point the PS0="\[\e[0m\] to PS0="\[\e[38;5;15m\].

I tried again, it shows correctly the output of a command (grey is ok for me 
instead of white for 1st problem)
but still shows the 1st file with the color of the command input with tab 
completion (2nd problem I have).

It does it with bash 4.4-rc2, bash 5.0.18 and bash 5.1-rc1 on my system (fedora 
I will try to look further in readline, to at least understand better.


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