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Re: just doing a make dvi after running configure?

From: Marty Leisner
Subject: Re: just doing a make dvi after running configure?
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 13:31:15 -0500

Ian Lance Taylor <address@hidden> writes  on 26 Feb 2004 12:40:39 EST
     > "Marty Leisner" <address@hidden> writes:
     > > But binutils 2.14 seems to intermix the configure stages with the
     > > make stages (instead of configuring a full tree).
     > > (that's what I'm seeing anyway -- some packages configure
     > > up front, other packages intermix configuring with making after
     > > they configure the top level).
     > Yes, the Cygnus-style tree used by gcc, binutils, and gdb now
     > configures in stages.  The initial configure just configures the top
     > directory.  The subdirectories are configured as needed.  This was
     > done by the gcc team, though I'm not entirely sure why.
     > I tried `make dvi' on the trunk, and I don't see it making any
     > executables along the way.  It's just configuring directories and
     > running `make dvi'.  I haven't tried the 2.14 release, though.
     > Ian

Just tried it...
        make dvi 

does nothing useful...

You need to do a "make" to configure the subdirectories...
and then run make dvi...

Wouldn't it be useful to just have a 
        "make configure" 
target?   I'm not thrilled about this behavior.


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