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ld should make '.rsrc' section read-only on win32

From: Michael Popov
Subject: ld should make '.rsrc' section read-only on win32
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 17:50:26 +0300
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I use mingw to produce win32 executables.
It makes executable with '.rsrc' section flags 0xC0000040
which mean the section is writeable.

While I cannot see any reasons to keep resource section writeable,
I found two reasons to make it read-only:
1. for prevention of occasional write to rsrc section;
2. executables with read-only rsrc section consume less memory;
3. MS compiler+linker tools makes rsrc section R/O by default.

I don't know should this be considered as a bug, but any
comments are welcome.

PS. I did search Web, bugzilla, mailing lists and found nothing
about the subject.

The version of ld I use is:
>ld -v
>GNU ld version 2.15.94 20050118

Best regards, Michael

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