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[Bug ld/24055] _bfd_xcoff_swap_aux_in smashes the stack

From: wolfgang.thaller at gmx dot net
Subject: [Bug ld/24055] _bfd_xcoff_swap_aux_in smashes the stack
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2019 21:54:08 +0000


--- Comment #8 from Wolfgang Thaller <wolfgang.thaller at gmx dot net> ---
Not quite yet...

* The XCOFF specification seems quite clear that a C_FILE symbol can contain up
to four different strings in four different aux entries, and in fact I have a
few files with four aux entries per C_FILE that I want to link. So the assert
would break things for me.

* XCOFF never spreads a single string accross multiple aux entries (that's a
Microsoft PE/COFF thing). Thus, the comment is very misleading. It's not "we"
who don't support this, but *XCOFF* that handles long filenames in a different

* Because of the above, no code in binutils expects us to copy multiple aux
entries into one for XCOFF files, and with my patch we never do it, so there is
no reason to limit the number of aux entries per C_FILE.

* That assert and comment should probably go into the swap_aux_in
implementation(s) that might need to handle filenames spread across aux entries
- coffswap.h:coff_swap_aux_in and coffcode.h:coff_bigobj_swap_aux_in.

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