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'-r' modules patch

From: Scott Stanton
Subject: '-r' modules patch
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 17:51:23 -0700

I am sending you a patch to CVS that adds support for the '-r' switch to 
the modules files.  This allows the creation of version-specific modules 
that automatically check out the correct version/branch tag.  We have been 
using this patch very successfully for the last two years at Ajuba 
Solutions.  I hope it will prove useful to others.  This patch is the 
smallest change I could think of to add this feature.  It's possibly not 
the most elegant approach, since it involves exporting a previously static 
variable.  However, it does work and is a quite small patch.

I grant permission to distribute this patch under the terms of the GNU 
Public License.


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