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Strange conflicts as a result of merging a branch into the main t runk

From: Jacob Burckhardt
Subject: Strange conflicts as a result of merging a branch into the main t runk
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 14:36:42 -0500

Reinstein, Shlomo writes:
> Hi,
> I have encountered merge conflicts that are very strange to me:
> At some point during the development of a project, we created a branch from
> the main trunk. A lot of work was done in that branch, but ever since the
> branch was created, NO work was done on main trunk. That is, the latest
> version of the main trunk is the same version from which the branch was
> forked off.
> At some point, we wanted to merge the work done on the branch back into the
> main trunk. To do this, we checked-out the latest version of the project
> from the main trunk, and in the working directory that we got, we used:
>       cvs update -j branch-name
> Since no work was done on the main trunk since the creation of the branch,
> I'd expect CVS to just update the working directory with the newest version
> of the branch. (which would be the result of merging all changes made in the
> branch into the working directory.) However, the results were different.
> During this merge, we encountered conflicts! Can you explain this?
> I'll give a few more details on this. We have a file named "isis.c". It's
> latest version on the main trunk is 1.81. The latest version of this file on
> the branch is When we merged the changes made on the branch into
> the main trunk, CVS output showed that it merged the changes between 1.81
> and into the working directory. The working directory contained
> 1.81 itself (the latest version of the main trunk), so I'd expect to get
> as a result of the merge. However, instead of that I got
> conflicts...

That sounds like the same bug which Karl Tomlinson's patch fixes:


I am working on some test cases for that patch for the CVS test script

I would like to know if your bug is the same bug that Karl fixed.  So
please send me the files which you tried to merge and I will then test
them on Karl's patch and I might want to include them in sanity.sh.

Please run these commands replacing "file" with the filename of the file
which wrongly had conflicts:

cvs -n up -p -r1.81 file > OLDER
cvs -n up -p -r1.81.2.17 file > YOURS

If your files contain proprietary or private information, then you
could try using a UNIX sed command to change it so it no longer has
private info:

sed 's/[a-z]/x/g' < OLDER > OLDER_changed
sed 's/[a-z]/x/g' < YOURS > YOURS_changed

So if the two private files are OLDER and YOURS, then you should be
able to send me the non-private files OLDER_changed and


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