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Re: 2 CVS bugs

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: 2 CVS bugs
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2001 14:30:46 -0400

"Derek R. Price" wrote:

> Alon Ziv wrote:
> >
> > +static int yyparse ();
> >  static int yylex ();
> >  static int yyerror ();

Whoops, just noticed you sent me the patch for getdate.c & not getdate.y.  So
first of all, you should know that getdate.c is a generated file.  Yacc (Yet
another C compiler) is used to generate getdate.c from getdate.y.

I researched the yyparse() prototype a little farther.  Bison (GNU yacc) appears
to generate prototypes for yyparse() automatically.  Apparently it's not 
a user should override because it ifdef's on some things like YYPARSE_PARAM &
__cplusplus for various reasons.

I still don't know why it's not working on your system.  There _is_ a prototype 
the dev source.  I notice that 'cvs annotate' seems to think those lines are
recent (and checked in by me, in fact), and they have a comment that they 
warnings with '-Wstrict-prototype', so maybe I'm using a more recent version of
Bison than was available when your source was generated?  What version of CVS 
you compiling?  Can you try again with the dev source?


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