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Re: Can't build on Redhat 7.0?

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Can't build on Redhat 7.0?
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 12:11:25 -0400 (EDT)

Cameron, Steve writes:
> This morning, I tried building the current development version on a Redhat
> 7.0 box..
> "./configure" seemed to work alright, but "make" puked this way:
> Seems to be some "automake" stuff, which I've never used before and
> don't understand....  so, what new tricks does this old school dog need
> to learn?

If the timestamps on the various bits and pieces that go into automake
aren't in the correct order, make will try to regenerate stuff.  If you
have an older version of automake installed, the regenerated files will
be incorrect (I think the problem is with aclocal, but I'm still looking
into it).  Unfortunately, at the moment, even a fresh checkout doesn't
have correct timestamps.  So, I think your best bet is to use update -C
to replace your locally regenerated files with the correct files from
the repository, then re-run configure and make.  You may have to iterate
a few times to get all the files with the right timestamps.  (And if
your existing version of CVS is too old to support update -C, you'll
need to use update to find the files that are locally modified, delete
them, and then use update again to replace them.)

-Larry Jones

I don't want to learn this!  It's completely irrelevant to my life! -- Calvin

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