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[Fwd: cvs sanity.sh bug?]

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: [Fwd: cvs sanity.sh bug?]
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 08:33:48 -0400

Please send CVS bug reports to bug-cvs@gnu.org in the future.  You are
more likely to get a timely and correct response.


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--- Begin Message --- Subject: cvs sanity.sh bug? Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 12:45:05 +0900 User-agent: Mutt/1.3.18i

I used 'cvsbug', but it rejected. Because My system is private(?)?
So, I found your email from ChangeLog.

I use this setting 'TMP=/home2/tmp  TMPDIR=$TMP'.
Because of this setting, modules5-15 failed.
Here is check.log

You have [0] altered files in this repository.
Are you sure you want to release (and delete) directory `realmodule': PASS: modu
** expected:
tag script invoked in /tmp/cvs-sanity/1
args: realmodule MYTAG
** or:
tag script invoked in /tmp/cvs-serv[0-9a-z]*
args: realmodule MYTAG
** got:
tag script invoked in /home2/tmp/cvs-serv32198
args: realmodule MYTAG
FAIL: modules5-15

And to avoid above fail, I added
    export TMP TMPDIR
to the sanity.sh (below 'tmp' setting, line 174).

And then, I met next error while 'remote' test.

** expected: 
cvs [a-z]*: scheduling file .cfile. for addition
cvs [a-z]*: use .cvs commit. to add this file permanently
** got: 
cvs server: use 'cvs commit' to add this file permanently
FAIL: crerepos-14

My system is:
    Linux-kernel-2.4.5, athlon, glibc-2.2.3.


--- End Message ---

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