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MoneyR (Opportunity of earnings)

From: implast
Subject: MoneyR (Opportunity of earnings)
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 17:48:56 +0300


      Thank you for giving attention to this message.

The work is connected with processing and sending of electronic mail.

You can make up your own flexible schedule (we offer full-time and part-time 
You can work at any time, which is convenient for you, at home or at office.
For the work you need the computer connected to the Internet with the functions 
of sending
the electronic messages.

You will earn from $ 900 up to $ 4.000 working for 7-14 hours per week. 

The income will make more than $ 9.000 if you work 30 and more hours per week 
in the Internet monthly.

Everything depends on your diligence and desire.

To receive the further instructions write to the following e-mail address: 

In the column Subject write "Report". 

In the message write: " I▓d like to get the further instructions■ and do not 
forget to write your 
e-mail. The detailed information will be sent to you, and all the questions 
will be answered.

P.S. This letter is not a spam. If you are not interested in it,
simply remove and forget about it, it will not be sent to you again.

If this letter has caused you any inconveniences, accept my deep apologies!!!

I wish you success!

Best regards,
Aleksei K.                           mailto:implast@neti.ee

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