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Re: cvs admin -b bugs

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: cvs admin -b bugs
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 13:10:35 -0400

Ken McMillan wrote:

> I got in a situation where I did some development on a branch and then
> decided I would like to keep the branch as my mainline and throw
> away my changes on the mainline. I thought I could do this by
> cvs admin -b[branch-name]
> as described in the manual section on reverting to the vendor branch.
> However, there are two major problems with this that I would consider
> to be bugs:

I don't think I would qualify this as a bug:

This works when reverting to a vendor branch because a vendor branch will have
all or almost all the files on the trunk and there are other ways to get this
effect without changing the operation of the admin command in ways that may 
problems elsewhere.

The simplest way is to checkout the trunk and the branch, then:

cd branch
find . -name CVS -prune -o -exec cp {} ../trunk/{} \;
cd ../trunk
cvs ci

You could use diff --brief or any of a number of other means to determine the
list of files which need to be removed from the trunk, but overall the whole
process hsouldn't take you more than a few minutes.


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