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Re: Typo in CVS manual - Important

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Typo in CVS manual - Important
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 12:54:37 -0400

Gianni Mariani wrote:

> Derek, I'm lost - what wynduz VFS thing are you referring to ?

CVSROOT specs like :pserver:bach@faun.example.com:d:/cvsroot no longer work
because the `d' is interpreted as a port number as of 1.11.1.  I haven't heard
of a viable workaround yet and my current favorite fix is to make the server
interpret the `//d' portion of //d/... as a drive spec like cygwin (it's
possible that CVS servers compiled under cygwin already do this), but I
haven't examined the problem extraordinarily deeply.  I think I read something
about cygwin moving away from the //d notation some time ago but I never read
why they were planning this or what their alternative was.  It's possible that
this notation conflicted with the Windoze (SMB) network filesystem namespace,
restricting access to servers with one character names, but I never researched
the issue.


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