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Re: Typo in CVS manual - Important

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Typo in CVS manual - Important
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 12:15:05 -0400

Stephen Rasku wrote:

> Has any thought of using "standard" URL type CVSROOT.  For ext access, you
> would have:
>         cvse://bach@faun.example.org/usr/local/cvsroot
> For pserver:
>         cvsp://bach@faun.example.org/usr/local/cvsroot
> For local:
>         cvs:///usr/local/cvsroot

Yeah.  We had this discussion something like a year ago on info-cvs, I think.

The gist, as I remember it, is that your design above doesn't leave a way to
specify modules under a cvsroot.  It's possible that the CVS server could be
rewritten to parse allowed roots off the beginning of the "filespec", but I'm
not sure I understand all the repercussions of that.

Anyway, no one ever wrote any code that I know of.  Also, I'm not sure where
the URL handling database on various systems are, but someone would likely
need to write an RFC and get it to the IETF if we wanted to see browsers with
the ability to pass a link off to CVS.  And good luck getting it handled on
M$ systems... more likely a VSS URL would suddenly appear and CVS URLs would
mysteriously "break".

Some sort of virtual file system would be needed on Windoze as well, though
this might be needed regardless.  We're already running into problems with
the current CVS specs because drive letters can no longer be specified for
Windoze servers due to the addition of port specifications to 1.11.1.

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I will not instigate revolution.
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