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Re: CVSROOT using standard URL's based on RFC

From: Torbjörn Axelsson
Subject: Re: CVSROOT using standard URL's based on RFC
Date: 18 Jun 2001 18:18:31 +0200
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"Gianni Mariani" <gianni@mariani.ws> writes:

> Rasku, I've wondered why they have not been used too.
> RFC2396 - http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2396.html

That RFC was written in August 1998. 

Please consider that CVS early history began in 1986 and stabilized as
a a program on its own (if still heavily relying on rcs and diff among
others) in 1991. 

Perhaps one day people there will come a CVS version 2 that drops
backwards compatibility completely, works on top of any database
system and has neat plugins (CORBA[1]?) for different access methods
but until then the format for the CVSROOT should basically be at least
backwards compatible.


[1] Now that would be an interesting opportunity to hack som serious
    CORBA... *slaps my silly brain*

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