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What are you personally doing to make money on the Internet?

From: whandong , lim
Subject: What are you personally doing to make money on the Internet?
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 12:51:35 +0900

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Dear Networker,

Right place, right time. Ground floor opportunity. Ever wonder what these terms reallymean?

What if you could have started with Microsoft in 1975?

How about getting to participate with Southwest Airlines starting in 1971?

We have all seen opportunities come and go. Some were great - - some failed before they got started.

With this e-mail you are finding out about an Internet company that is destined to


It is less than six months old and it is already "rocking" the Internet.

It is *TheSuccessWebsite.com,* and the SECRET is: GET INVOLVED EARLY! (Close to the founders!) ...

That way you will enjoy much more FREE SPILLOVER into your Team! (Earning you residuals!)

Created to help people make money and then help them to KEEP what they make as LONG TERM WEALTH, the content of *TheSuccessWebsite* will universally be recognized as innovative and timely.

You can help BUILD *TheSuccessWebsite.com* and benefit by receiving a REGULAR INCOME for you and your family.

(You will find this simple and easy to do when you pick up your FREE Bonus: Referralware Power Recruitment System- it works on AutoPilot! I've never seen a tool so good!)


With the most dynamic affiliate commission program on the Internet, you can build a worldwide, home-based Internet business.

This is your INVITATION to personal Success! (MASSIVE Success)

Go to our preview site. The address is: http://www.thesuccesswebsite.com/3481

Dig around in the site and ask the tough questions.
Test out the FREE Resources. Consider the BENEFITS.
Join with us to build the next Internet giant.



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