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RE: Problem trying to get cvswrapper -t working

From: Bijwaard, Dennis (Dennis)
Subject: RE: Problem trying to get cvswrapper -t working
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 09:17:04 +0200


Jones, Larry writes [with normal line length:-)]:
> You know that there are serious bugs in the -t/-f wrapper 
> code that can
> cause data loss?  That's why they were disabled until such time as
> someone gets around to fixing them (which no one has yet).

It took me some time to discover this functionality was actually
broken because the parameters are described in CVSROOT/cvswrappers without 
warning. The Changelog also does not say anything
about the (temporary) absense of -t/-f. In the docs they
are just not described. The only thing CVS tells me is that -t/-f
is not supported in my version of CVS when I try to use them.

Is there another way to filter code before checking it in?
It takes ages to merge things when people don't adhere to the
coding style, e.g. change all spaces to tabs and vise versa,
and different ideas about placing curly braces around code blocks.

Or can cvs update somehow be made more tolerant for changes in

Kind regards,
                        Dennis Bijwaard
Lucent Technologies
                    Bell Labs Innovations

Dennis Bijwaard (mailto:bijwaard@lucent.com)
Developer New Technologies, Bell Labs Twente
Capitool 5, NL-7521 PL Enschede, The Netherlands
Phone. +31 35 6875718 or +31 53 4845718, Fax: +31 53 4845777

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