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Doc bug: page reference off by one

From: Jens Schweikhardt
Subject: Doc bug: page reference off by one
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 12:02:42 +0200
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hello, world\n

I'm looking at a printed tex(info) version of the cederqvist for 1.11.1p1.
The index says under "U", last item: users (admin file) .... 69
However, the `users' admin file is discussed on page 70. The problem is
that the cvs.texinfo has

@cindex users (admin file)
Note that if you set this up in the straightforward ...

Where a page break from 69 to 70 occurs just inbetween these two lines.
Gack :-)


Jens Schweikhardt  http://www.schweikhardt.net/
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