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CVS/ROOT case sensitive

From: KNewman
Subject: CVS/ROOT case sensitive
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 09:58:58 -0800

I have encountered a strange case in CVS where updating multiple subdirectories will fail if the entry in the CVS/ROOT file in one of the subdirectories is different from the others, including different case. The error message is "cannot add new CVSROOT [different CVSROOT entry]". The error does not occur if the offending directory is updated separately. For example, if most of the subdirectories contain a ROOT entry of :pserver:user@server:/CVSROOT but one of the subdirectories has a ROOT entry of :pserver:user@SERVER:/CVSROOT, the above error message will appear. I found the error message in recurse.c; it occurs in two places, after addnode(...) is called. I also noticed several other places where there is a case-sensitive strcmp(current_parsed_root->original, this_root) which may be part of the problem.
My ideas for a possible fix:
Best: parse the two root strings for semantic equivalence (including equivalence of \ and / in the repository directory part).
Second best: gracefully skip that one subdirectory as part of the update.
Please!: at least have a meaningful error message that includes the path of the offending ROOT entry so the user can find and fix it easily.
Thanks for your time,
Karl Newman

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