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Re: sccs2rcs to perl

From: Michael Sterrett -Mr. Bones.-
Subject: Re: sccs2rcs to perl
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 21:26:08 -0500 (EST)

Hi Riley -- Thanks for the reply.  At least now I know that my mail is
being seen by someone other than myself.

Let me address your points at they go...

On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Riley Williams wrote:

> I'm not on the CVS development team as such, just being a very happy
> user of CVS

Oh, don't be fooled -- I'm a very happy user of CVS too.  I just use
SCCS in my "day job" because "that's what we've always used", but that's
changing these days -- mostly with the help of the sccs2rcs perl script
that I included before.

> but I would like to offer one possible reason for the lack
> of comments: Perhaps those on the list here are like me and don't use
> SCCS in the first place, so have no use for the script.

True, that could be a reason, but you may be missing the fact that I'm not
advocating the *addition* of a script, but a *replacement* of a script.
If you check your CVS distribution, you'll find in the contrib directory a
sccs2rcs script *already* there.  However, it is written in csh which is A)
slow B) one more dependency for your .deb or .rpm to depend on.  The perl
script that I'm requesting consideration addresses both of these issues
since the perl script runs about twice as fast as the csh version and,
since there are already perl scripts in the CVS distribution, adds *no*
additional dependencies.

> Another possibility is the length of the "To:" and "CC:" list in your
> email - I know several people who have their system set up to auto-kill
> any emails with more than three names in those two combined simply as a
> way to cut down the amount of mail they have to handle, and your email
> would not have made it to any of them.

I have sent this email already twice before -- once to bug-cvs and once
to user-cvs with very reasonable To: and CC: lines so I don't think this
is the reason.  I've also written to Larry Jones (who seems to be the
primary person committing to the CVS source tree) directly and I got *no*
reply - not even a "go away" or "not interested"!

Michael Sterrett
  -Mr. Bones.-

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