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Re: 1.12 dev version number

From: Tobias Weingartner
Subject: Re: 1.12 dev version number
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2003 08:46:48 -0700

On Wednesday, February 5, Derek Robert Price wrote:
> I currently have the trunk marked as, which is potentially 
> confusing since previously thius would have meant the dev version 
> _after_ a 1.12 release.

After a 1.12 release, comes a 2.0, or a 1.13 release.  Why bother with
one dot blargh dot woof dot foo dot meta dot whatever?  It just makes it

CVS ain't that big.  If they are using the CVS version (head), then they
report bugs agains -current (or -cvs).  If not, they report bugs against
a simple version number.


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