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Re: Eclipse-compatible :extssh: method...

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Eclipse-compatible :extssh: method...
Date: Tue, 06 May 2003 13:49:15 -0400
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Deven T. Corzine wrote:

The Eclipse IDE (www.eclipse.org) supports a CVS method of "extssh". The attached patch extends the standard CVS client to support this method as well. For this method, "ssh" is the default rsh client instead of "ssh", and CVS_SSH overrides it, instead of CVS_RSH.

With this patch, the "cvs" command can operate on workspaces checked out via Eclipse using the "extssh" method.

Can this patch be incorporated into the mainline CVS code?

No. It adds no new functionality and I'm fairly close to making the default CVS_RSH value `ssh' anyhow.

Why aren't you just setting CVS_RSH from the command line? If it's just because you want the information encoded in the CVSROOT rather than in an env variable, then come up with a resonable, but more generic way of encoding _any_ value of CVS_RSH into the CVSROOT string and I will commit it. Reasonable means that the new code will parse old CVSROOTs without problems and that new strings look as much as posible like old strings, as subjective as that may be. I'd prefer you extend the syntax of the :ext: method, not add a new method as well, but if you feel you can't avoid it, please provide justification.

Don't forget cvs.texinfo documentation and test cases in sanity.sh. See the HACKING file in the top level of the CVS source distribution for more on what is required for patch acceptance.



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