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Re: SSL pserver, CVS

From: Alexey Mahotkin
Subject: Re: SSL pserver, CVS
Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 00:35:09 +0400
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>>>>> "BM" == Brian Murphy <brian@murphy.dk> writes:

 BM> You have not commented on the PAM stuff I have submitted though it
 BM> seems relevant to your work, could you take a look at it.

Ok, I did a preliminary glance at it.

I believe that the following two things will have to be done:

 - create pam-auth.c which contains all of the PAM code;

 - PAM'ified version of check_system_password() must be called something
 like check_pam_password() (and moved to pam-auth.c too).  Only the
 invocation of those functions must be #ifdef'ed, not their definitions.
 Two different functions with a same name is evil.

At least, current policy of code reorganization dictates this.  Derek will
confirm this (or not :)

Also, I'd suggest dropping ugly --with-hardcoded-pam-service-name (I had to
use copy-and-paste, that's insane!).  Hardcode "cvs".  Implement long
option --pam-service=SERVICE to 'cvs pserver' subcommand, which will
override this.  YMMV.

Anyway, do not bother if you wish.  I'll just clean it all up sooner or
later. :)


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