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Re: adding on branch

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: adding on branch
Date: 31 May 2003 11:09:51 -0400
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>> > I'm not particularly saying that, I'm just saying that I have a
>> > hack to stop files added on a branch being put into the Attic,
>> > by making the directory temporarily not a branch, so that the
>> > file gets committed as the head.
>> Huh?  Why on earth do you care whether it's put into the Attic ?
> Because it never gets moved out otherwise and it becomes
> an exception file compared to everything else in our system,
> forever.  And I have had strange errors with Attic files in
> the past that I would just prefer to not have the exception in
> the first place.

But it's only a symptom; it's like not wanting people to use umbrellas
because you don't like your hair to get wet.
Why do you even bother to look in the repository at all ?
If you there's a problem where files in the Attic don't behave the way you
want them to, then the problem is in the wrong behavior, not in the fact
that the files are in the Attic (maybe fixing the problem will end up
moving the files out of the Attic indeed, but it's still only a symptom).


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