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Merge does update?

From: Gabor Melis
Subject: Merge does update?
Date: 8 Aug 2003 10:12:14 -0700

The test script below shows how merging (cvs up -j) changes the
revision of the file in the sandbox. In particular the file is updated
to HEAD (end of the current branch in general?). Feature?

set -e
mkdir BUG
cd BUG
export CVSROOT=$PWD/cvsroot/
cvs init

mkdir M
cd M
cvs import -m "Created module M" M no-vendor init

cd $BASE
cvs co -d M1 M
cd M1
echo 1 > x
cvs add x
cvs ci -m "added x"

echo "let's create a branch and modify x on it"
cd $BASE
cvs co -d M2 M
cd M2
cvs tag -b BRANCH
cvs up -r BRANCH
echo 2 >> x
cvs ci -m "modified x on BRANCH"

echo "Commit a new revision to MAIN so that"
echo "M1 does not have the latest version"
cvs up -A
echo 3 >> x
cvs ci -m "modified x on MAIN"

echo "now that everything is set up let's merge"
cd $BASE/M1
cat CVS/Entries  # here x is at revision 1.1
cvs up -j BRANCH
cat CVS/Entries  # here x is at revision 1.2
cat x            # and the conflict of course

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