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cvs vs cvsnt and trunk to branch merge problem

From: das deniz
Subject: cvs vs cvsnt and trunk to branch merge problem
Date: 18 Aug 2003 12:38:20 -0700

I'm not sure where the blame lies but I wanted to put this out there
and find out if anyone knows about this and if there is a fix.


  1) branch created
  2) changes commited to trunk including introduction of new files
  3) tag first_tag of trunk
  4) more changes to new files in trunk commited
  5) merge out from first_tag to branch
  6) merge branch into trunk

changes to new files that were made in trunk after tag used to merge
out are lost - reverted back to the first_tag versions....

looking at the file revision history for a particular file indicated
that new files that were created in the branch had version numbers
based on the HEAD of the trunk instead of the version related to the
tag used to do the merge.

more simply:

  later.c added to trunk after creation of branch
  later.c at rev 1.3 at time of tag first_tag creation 
  later.c modified and now at rev 1.4
  merge first_tag into branch working area 
  this merge creates later.c with rev 1.4.x.1 (NOT 1.3.X.1 ?!)
  merge of branch into trunk reverts new rev of later.c to 1.3

please tell me this is a cvs/cvsnt (are these different code bases?)
bug, and that it's been fixed since cvs 1.10 and/or cvsnt 2.0.2.

thank you all

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