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Re: Building CVS on Windows is broken...again

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: Building CVS on Windows is broken...again
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 18:26:27 -0500
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Dennis Jones wrote:

>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Derek Robert Price" <derek@ximbiot.com>
>To: "Dennis Jones" <djones@oregon.com>
>Cc: "CVS Mailing List" <info-cvs@gnu.org>
>Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2004 11:03 AM
>Subject: Re: Building CVS on Windows is broken...again
>>Dennis Jones wrote:
>>>The latest version of CVS (1.11.13) fails to build on Windows...again.
>>If you'd like to volunteer to set up nightly testing on Windows for the
>>CVS tree...
>Well actually, I could do that, but since the only version of VC++ I
have is
>5.0, I would only be able to build from that particular perspective.
On the
>other hand, if VC++ 5.0 is the lowest common denominator of build
>environments, then perhaps building with VC++ 5.0 would be a *good* thing.
>So, if it is just a matter of setting up an automated nightly check-out (or
>update) and build of the CVS code, I certainly could do that.  However, I
>couldn't possibly commit to anything more than that.

Actually, VC++ 5.0 is still our agreed upon common denominator.  See

Anyhow, if you could set up a nightly build, you could at least report
to us when we broke the Windows build and maybe prevent us from
continuously releasing broken Windows builds.  As things stand, it see,s
like the only time anyone tries to build on Windows is after a release,
and that's when we get the bug reports.

>>Actually, set_nonblock_fd() used to be in server.c, which wasn't
>>compiled on Windows, and I simply moved it into subr.c, which is
>>compiled under Windows.  You are correct about my not knowing fcntl()
>>wouldn't be available under Windows, however.
>As Larry Jones suggested, maybe it should be moved back to server.c.  Why
>was it moved to begin with (not that I care or need to know)?  It is only
>used in server.c and buffer.c anyway.

I explaioned in another email to Larry.  Still waiting to hear more
opinions on the importance of the error check I restored.

>>Are you certain there isn't just some library we're
>>neglecting to include or some other function name (like "_fcntl()") we
>>should be using?  I've seen similar problems with other POSIX functions
>>under Windows.
>Now, as far as some other function you should be using for Windows, I don't
>do much low-level file I/O in my work, so I wouldn't be able to answer that
>question without doing a fair amount of research.

Anybody else know about this?


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