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Re: Patch: Add support for CVS_USER environment variable

From: M . E . O'Neill
Subject: Re: Patch: Add support for CVS_USER environment variable
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2004 03:11:11 -0800

You wrote:
And with no real understanding of how the patch you have provided is intended to be use or may be tested, how is it useful to add your code to the network release? [...] Nor am I convinced that the patch itself is inherently useful without a better understanding of how sites other than yours are to use this patch.

I did provide a link to where I found the patch floating on the net, at

http://www-jcsu.jesus.cam.ac.uk/jcn/documentation/cvs/ cvs_trusted_tech.html

which describes a system almost identical in concept to the one I was developing. It says far better than I can in email why you might want this. (And I don't think an approach using pserver is exactly equivalent.)

Your patch to subr.c tells cvs to read the CVS_USER environment variable
and do commits as that user instead of as the user LOGNAME.

BTW, your use of LOGNAME makes it look like you're talking about an environment variable. RCS did pay attention to such an environment variable, and back when CVS was based on RCS, CVS may have done too. But today, it's pretty much the name from getpwent or nothing.

I'd deleted my copy of the CVS sources before I sent my patches. I'm done.

Fine. Thanks for the suggestion. It is a pity you didn't want to help out more, but not everyone has the time to do such.

It really does come down to time. I'm writing this message at 3am when I should be sleeping. If it's still not fixed in June, and people still care, I'll have some time. But during the semester, things are pretty crazy for me.


P.S. I've been struck several times by the fact that the amount of time we've all spent emailing about these two tiny patches could have been spent doing the remaining grunt work to make them "proper" patches, probably several times over. I guess we all lose there.

P.P.S. I've found in use that my -q patch misses a case somehow, leading to occasional unwanted output showing up. I think it's linked to committing files added with cvs add.

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