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VS: VS: pserver login fails on 9 char passwords

From: Mäkeläinen Juha
Subject: VS: VS: pserver login fails on 9 char passwords
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 10:52:37 +0300

I think I'll continue with my own patch for a while and consider PAM when we 
have other reasons to change to a newer version on cvs.

Of course, we have plans to abandon pserver use from wincvs and go ssh, some 

Thanks for your time and advice :)

  - Juha

-----Alkuperäinen viesti-----
Lähettäjä: mdb@juniper.net [mailto:mdb@juniper.net] Puolesta Mark D. Baushke
Lähetetty: 30. maaliskuuta 2004 10:31

If you must use :pserver:, then I suspect you are probably going to be stuck 
using --enable-pam for your HPUX system and hope that it fixes things. This 
will provide you with a check_system_password() function that calls 
pam_authenticate and we can hope that HPUX knows how to do the right thing for 

I just don't have any other good ideas for how to pursue this. Your patch is 
just not secure enough for general deployment. If you know of any other 
function on HPUX to verify a password against a system stored credential, let 
us know.

        -- Mark

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