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Re: commit output

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: commit output
Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 16:12:31 -0400
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:

> >I think I would actually like to fix feature to never output the "RCS
> >file...", "Checking in...", and "done" lines.  They are redundant and
> >unnecessary.  Any comments?
> You might want to drop a note on folks that are doing programatic
> interfaces to cvs (eg, eclipse.org has a eclipse-dev mailing list). I
> would suspect that this kind of change may cause some of them grief
> along the way...

Well, the information I'm removing _is_ redundant and unnecessary.
Helping the Eclipse folks keep up-to-date is a nice thought, but I
would hope the Eclipse folks would be able to read the NEWS file and
ignore the incorrect lines.

I simply don't think we want to relinquish that sort of control over
our output.  It would be one thing if we were trying to take away
information somebody needed, but any reordering, removal of redundant
info, moving/addition of quotes, etc., I would expect anyone parsing
CVS's output to be able to handle on their own.

As a long term goal, it might be nice to export most CVS functionality
via a convenient library API so that these issues don't crop up so
often.  Another possibility would be to enable an XML output mode for
external parsers.

Regardless, I don't want to have to try and get approval for tidying
output from every project that happens to be parsing our output.  It's
impractical and would hamper development severely.  I _don't_ object
to trying to keep output on "stable" from changing much, but feature
is another matter.

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