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recurse.c:642: failed assertion `strstr (repository, "/./") == NULL'

From: Rohan Lloyd
Subject: recurse.c:642: failed assertion `strstr (repository, "/./") == NULL'
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 14:34:33 +1000

I tried to run 'cvs rdiff' with the following command:

  cvs -d /path/to/repository rdiff -s -r V1_0 -r HEAD .

and got the error:

  recurse.c:642: failed assertion `strstr (repository, "/./") == NULL'
  cvs [rdiff aborted]: received abort signal

If I specify a subdirectory such as:

  cvs -d /path/to/repository rdiff -s -r V1_0 -r HEAD src

it works OK.

After a quick search I couldn't see any mention of this on bug-cvs, but I did found one post in info-cvs where someone had the same problem when specifying paths containing '/./':


As a workaround I have added '.' to the CVSROOT/modules file, but it would be nice to get this fixed up properly.

This is with cvs version 1.11.17

Rohan Lloyd

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