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private business proposal

From: johnsamkoh
Subject: private business proposal
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 19:45:19 GMT

My name is John Samkoh , I am from  Liberia a small West African Country that 
has been at war for more than fifteen years. I was one of the assistance to a 
former Liberian rebel leader Foday Sankoh, who is now in the world court 
tribunal for crimes against

My main purpose of writing to you is to inform you that i in colaboration with 
some individuals have been able to smuggle out of my country LIBERIA some money 
realised from the sale of illegal diamonds in the rebel controlled areas to the 
tune of $25, 000, 000 ( twenty five million dollars).

Presently , the money has been deposited with a security company in Madrid , 
SPAIN pending when we are able to find a way to invest it. As you know , there 
has been for sometime now, a law made by the UNITED NATIONS to track all 
ILLEGAL OR BLOOD DIAMONDS and any revenue realised from its sale  and that has 
made it impossible for us to invest the money in Europe .

I wish to ask therefore for your  assistance in helping us invest the money and 
we promise to give you 20% (twenty percent). Think about this proposal and get 
back to me by e-mail so we can move to the next step of investing the money as 
we are paying too much interest on the two trunck boxes that contains the money 
in the security company.

Contact me : johnsamkoh@terra.es , johnsamkoh@mixmail.com

                                              John   Samkoh

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