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Re: Please add a DateFormat=iso8601 option to CVSROOT/config

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Please add a DateFormat=iso8601 option to CVSROOT/config
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 10:23:43 -0700

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Hi George,

cvs 1.11.x is currently closed for new features.

cvs 1.12.8 and newer versions already have ISO 8601 formats for 'date:'
in the cvs log output. It not an option.

btw: The http://danchev.fccf.net/files/cvs-date-format-1.patch patch
should also contain changes to src/sanity.sh as that is where the bulk
of the work will be for this kind of feature. Look at a cvs 1.12.9
sanity.sh for examples of how to do the change for your cvs 1.11.x
users if you wish to continue to make the patch available to people.

        -- Mark

George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net> writes:

> Hello, 
>  Here is a little patch against cvs 1.11.17:
>  http://danchev.fccf.net/files/cvs-date-format-1.patch
>  As you can see this patch could be easily adapted to go for cvs 1.12.9 ...
>  It adds a DateFormat=iso8601 option to CVSROOT/config to control the date
>  format output on "cvs log". If set cvs prints the date as in ISO8601 format
>  as follows:
>  date: 2004-08-29 16:17:57 +0000;  author: danchev;  state: Exp;
>  if absent the old slashed separators are used:
>  date: 2001/10/21 12:18:45;  author: awi;  state: Exp;  lines: +1 -1
>  The idea is from FreeBSD-CVS cvs, but they use it in CVSROOT/options (opt)
>  and I have adapted it for CVSROOT/config (var=value)
>  The above helps to packages like statcvs (probablymore could be find) not
>  to break on parsing the new date format separated with slashes which is
>  hardcoded in cvs 1.12.x and exiting like:
>  #StatCvs - CVS statistics generation
>  #Logfile parsing failed.
>  #unexpected date format in line 17
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