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Re: Please add a DateFormat=iso8601 option to CVSROOT/config

From: George Danchev
Subject: Re: Please add a DateFormat=iso8601 option to CVSROOT/config
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2004 21:09:17 +0300
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On Friday 03 September 2004 20:23, Mark D. Baushke wrote:
> Hi George,

Hello Mark,

> cvs 1.11.x is currently closed for new features.
> cvs 1.12.8 and newer versions already have ISO 8601 formats for 'date:'
> in the cvs log output. It not an option.

Yeah, I know that cvs 1.12.9 has this feature hardcoded, but here is exactly 
where the problem lies. I was hit by that when my statcvs exited with
  #Logfile parsing failed.
  #unexpected date format in line 17

because it relies to meet the old date format with slashes and probably there 
will be bunch ot software which relies on the old date format long time from 
now in the future. In this case it is more convinient to have the date format 
controlled by an option like this DateFormat. 

FreeBSD has similar option but they have it in the CVSROOT/option file which 
is kind of ugly place since the upstream cvs already has a nice parse 
function for CVSROOT/config file.

> btw: The http://danchev.fccf.net/files/cvs-date-format-1.patch patch
> should also contain changes to src/sanity.sh as that is where the bulk
> of the work will be for this kind of feature. Look at a cvs 1.12.9
> sanity.sh for examples of how to do the change for your cvs 1.11.x
> users if you wish to continue to make the patch available to people.

This patch is trivial enough and could be easily re-done to go for cvs after 
the release of 1.12.9. I really missed src/sanity.sh, thanks for that 

I still think that the date format (produced by cvs log) must be controlled 
thru an CVSROOT/config option, and not to be hardcoded like it's done in 
1.12.x. I just propose, the cvs developers decide.

Have a nice weekend.
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