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Re: [cvsnt+openssh+tortoisecvs] can get full checkout without valid cvs

From: Rogier E.
Subject: Re: [cvsnt+openssh+tortoisecvs] can get full checkout without valid cvs user or pasw?
Date: 12 Oct 2004 09:04:55 -0700

Aah, all right, I got it working now with an SSL tunnel prog (stunnel)
using normal :pserver: access and my regular cvs name & password.


Derek Robert Price <derek@ximbiot.com> wrote in message 
> The CVS user name in CVSROOT/passwd only applies to :pserver: access.
> :ext: relies on the authentication method you set up for $CVS_RSH - in
> this case SSH.  SSH effectively launches a local CVS process on the
> remote machine which acts as a surrogate server.  There are as few CVS
> imposed restrictions at that point as for access to a local root, the
> assumption being, again, that you have secure accounts configured via
> SSH.  Please read the following section of hte manual for more:
> <https://www.cvshome.org/docs/manual/cvs-1.11.17/cvs_2.html#SEC26>.
> You might be looking for something like an SSH tunnel for pserver
> access.  Not sure if there is anything in the manual, but you might
> try the FAQ and the mailing list archives.
> Cheers,
> Derek

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