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Re: SV: SV: able to remove tagged files

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: SV: SV: able to remove tagged files
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 09:02:45 -0800

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Henrik Skovhus Poulsen <hspo@tdc.dk> writes:

> I can not agree more, it should not be possible to do a commit on a
> frozen version. But that is actually the problem. It allows me to do
> so, and that is what im trying to prevent.

You have misunderstood my comments. It is not possible to commit a
changed revision to a version tag as that would require the version tag
to become ambiguous as to which version should be checked out when the
version tag is specified and that is not allowed.

> But as you said the version im using is very old, so maybe thats the
> problem.

It is a separate problem and may or may not be contributing to your

> However i learned that is not really the file that is removed, its
> just placed in attic and you can update from a date to recover the
> file which tag has been removed. But this is a work arround, not a
> solution.

With the latest versions of cvs...

If you 'cvs rm file' and the file has been checked out from a branch tag
or the main trunk, then on 'cvs commit' the file will have a new 'dead'
version created for that branch or the main trunk. If the version on the
main trunk is 'dead', then CVS will move the file into the Attic.

If you 'cvs rm file' and the file has been checked out from a version
tag, then on 'cvs commit' CVS will remove the tag from that version of
the file the same as if you had used the 'cvs tag -d tagname file'
command. Some people consider this a misfeature, but it is the way
that CVS currently works.

If you 'cvs rm file' and the file has been checked out with a -Ddatespec
option, then cvs will refuse to do it.

You should direct further rants on this topic to the bug-cvs@gnu.org

        -- Mark

> /henrik
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> Fra: mdb@juniper.net [mailto:mdb@juniper.net] P� vegne af Mark D. Baushke
> Sendt: 1. december 2004 09:26
> Til: Henrik Skovhus Poulsen
> Emne: Re: SV: able to remove tagged files 
> Henrik Skovhus Poulsen <hspo@tdc.dk> writes:
> > yes it helped abit. But my scenario is, if I checkout a tagged version
> > of a project:
> > 
> > cvs checkout -rmy-release-1-0 myproj
> > and then i say:
> > remove foo.c (which has a stickey tag)
> > commit foo.c  (will remove the tag from file apperently, not delete file)
> > 
> > but lets say i try to update foo.c, i get a error message that says,
> > not allowd because of stickey tag, need to create branch.
> > 
> > Way would this not apply to remove ??
> If you are trying to commit a removed file like that, then that would
> mean that the frozen version of the tag would need to be updated, but
> that is not possible except on a branch which is allowed to have new
> versions added to the tip to grow the branch.
>       -- Mark
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