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RE: Feature Branch Solaris Build Broken - lib/glob.c errors

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: Feature Branch Solaris Build Broken - lib/glob.c errors
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 20:31:14 -0700

Hi Derek,

> From: Derek Price [mailto:derek@ximbiot.com]
> (For those new to this thread, this is because the Solaris headers
> #define stat stat64 when the __PRAGMA_REDEFINE_EXTNAME macro is not
> defined).
> Why isn't gcc defining this value?  According to what I could find on
> the web, the compiler should define "__PRAGMA_REDEFINE_EXTNAME" if it
> supports the redefine_extname pragma, which this compiler apparently does.
>     <http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/816-5175/6mbba7f3u?a=view>.

That compiler costs money.  I'm using gcc distribution supplied on the
free software CD distrubuted with Solaris i.e. the 2.95.2 version.

> Why haven't we seen this error before?  Is this a common problem on
> Solaris 10?  Is this problem true of any gcc on any Solaris?  Is it
> specific to your setup?  What happens if you use a native Soalris compiler?

Because we've never "#define stat ..." and "#define lstat ..." before.

I haven't tried another gcc version.  Must I and must it be on Solaris?

I don't know if it's specific to this setup.  What should I test?

A native Solaris compiler costs money and I don't have one.

> A quick google search on "__PRAGMA_REDEFINE_EXTNAME Solaris 10 gcc"
> brings up a few discussions of this.  The gist of the first few I read
> is that some people ocassionally end up with broken GCCs which do not
> properly define this macro, but most GCCs should.  The reason for the
> difference was not apparent in the first several pages I scanned.

This looks promising even though I have Solaris 8 Intel Edition.

> Digging a little deeper, this is even documented in the Linux info
> manual for gcc:
> > Solaris Pragmas
> > ---------------
> >
> > For compatibility with the SunPRO compiler, the following pragma is
> > supported.
> >
> > `redefine_extname OLDNAME NEWNAME'
> > This pragma gives the C function OLDNAME the assembler label
> > NEWNAME. The pragma must appear before the function declaration.
> > This pragma is equivalent to the asm labels extension (*note Asm
> > Labels::). The preprocessor defines `__PRAGMA_REDEFINE_EXTNAME'
> > if the pragma is available.
> Perhaps the problem is in your GCC installation or usage?

        /export/home/cvsusr/ccvs/cvs-1.12/windows-NT:$ gcc -v
        Reading specs from /opt/sfw/lib/gcc-lib/i386-pc-solaris2.8/2.95.2/specs
        gcc version 2.95.2 19991024 (release)

Isn't "usage" controlled by CVS make process or did I misunderstand?

I choose a broken gcc as the likely culprit. I'll run a test and report.

> Regards,


> Derek


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