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RE: Feature Branch Windows Build Broken - lib/canonicalize.c - ELOOP & l

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: Feature Branch Windows Build Broken - lib/canonicalize.c - ELOOP & lstat
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 04:18:06 -0700

Hi Derek,

> From: Derek Price
> The new stat module is going to define gl_stat and gl_lstat and provide
> protos for rpl_stat and rpl_lstat in a header.  The easiest thing to do
> is probably going to just use the new header and rename the
> windows-NT/filesubr.c functions to rpl_stat and rpl_lstat.

I discarded the "wnt_lstat" function and "windows-NT/config.h.in.in"
contains "#define stat lstat" which is the same as "lib/system.h" file.
As we agreed "windows-NT/config.h.in.in" does "#define stat wnt_stat".

> Also, the stat function in glob.c is not using the timestamps, which is
> all the windows-NT/filesubr.c functions mess with, so it will probably
> be okay to leave its call to stat (as opposed to gl_stat) alone.

If timestamps aren't used then we don't need "wnt_stat" nor "rpl_stat"
since the platform "stat" implementation should work.

> Anyhow, dealing with this should probably wait until Bruno commits his
> changes to the stat module and I can import the new version from GNULIB.

I committed so the Windows build completes and lowered the warnings count.

> Regards,


> Derek


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