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Re: OpenBSD 3.6 sparc64 Build Failure on TRUNK

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: OpenBSD 3.6 sparc64 Build Failure on TRUNK
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 11:31:57 -0400
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Alexander Taler wrote:

> $ make
> make  all-recursive
> Making all in lib
> cp ./alloca_.h alloca.h-t
> mv alloca.h-t alloca.h
> /bin/sh ../build-aux/ylwrap getdate.y y.tab.c getdate.c y.tab.h
> getdate.h y.output getdate.output -- /bin/sh
> /home/dissent/prj/libcvs/var/ccvs-1.12/build-aux/missing --run bison -y
> /home/dissent/prj/libcvs/var/ccvs-1.12/lib/getdate.y:202:
> unrecognized: %parse-param
> /home/dissent/prj/libcvs/var/ccvs-1.12/lib/getdate.y:202:    Skipping
> to next %
> /home/dissent/prj/libcvs/var/ccvs-1.12/lib/getdate.y:203:
> unrecognized: %lex-param
> /home/dissent/prj/libcvs/var/ccvs-1.12/lib/getdate.y:203:    Skipping
> to next %
> *** Error code 1

There are a few issues here:

   1. getdate.y from GNULIB requires at least Bison 1.875.
   2. getdate.y shouldn't be recompiled unless it has changed, but
      sometimes the timestamps can get munged when checking out of CVS.
   3. When either of the above two problems are not avoided, the
      build-aux/missing script is supposed to just update the
      timestamps, print a warning message, and exit with a success
      code.  This may not happen if your lib/getdate.c file is actually
      missing, for instance if you ran a `make maintainerclean'.

If your `missing' script is failing for any reason other than a bad
bison AND a missing lib/getdate.c, then I would like to get to the
bottom of it.  Otherwise, your solution should be to update to a more
recent Bison (which we assume for anyone willing to run `make
maintainerclean'), or pull the current lib/getdate.c from CVS and avoid
the rebuild.

I have documented the Bison 1.875 requirement in HACKING.



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