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Next Steps: CVS Source Code Link

From: Oproescu Bogdan (KMXW 3)
Subject: Next Steps: CVS Source Code Link
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 10:46:26 +0200

   Hi Mark,

   Thanks for your detailed message below 
   regarding downloading, building and installing 
   this new CVS Source Distribution that includes 
   Larry's fix to this CVS Parallel Import Bug 
   that we found some weeks ago. Larry has also 
   sent me a summary of your information below, 
   so our next steps will be to rebuild our CVS 
   Package and install & test this on our ET CVS
   Server, before we install this on PROD at CS. 

   I will keep you up to date with our progress 
   and if there are any further issues with this
   I will let you know. 

   Cheers and Regards, Bogdan 

   Bogdan Oproescu   

   Technology & Services
   Advanced Middleware &
   Development Environments KMXW 3 
   Postfach 600
   CH-8070 Z├╝rich
   Tel.: +41 1 334 6846
   Fax.:+41 1 332 8024
   E-Mail: bogdan.oproescu@credit-suisse.ch
   Internet: http://www.credit-suisse.ch/de/index.html

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From: mdb@juniper.net [mailto:mdb@juniper.net] On Behalf Of Mark D. Baushke
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 8:08 PM
To: Oproescu Bogdan (KMXW 3)
Cc: lawrence.jones@ugs.com; bug-cvs@nongnu.org; berndj@prism.co.za; 
Subject: Re: CVS Source Code Link: CVS Import Bug Resolved 

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Oproescu Bogdan \(KMXW 3\) <bogdan.oproescu@credit-suisse.com> writes:

>    Hi Larry and all, 
>    Thanks for your message below: that's OK, I will 
>    download the latest CVS Source Code containing your 
>    fix to this CVS Import Bug, and then build this 
>    new CVS Package ourselves here at Credit Suisse. 
>    I have checked the www.cvshome.org site and 
>    I did not find your latest source code there 
>    with this fix, so please send me the exact link 
>    to where we can download this from. Has it moved
>    to http://savannah.nongnu.org in the meantime? 
>    Thanks and Regards, Bogdan 
>    Bogdan Oproescu   

The www.cvshome.org site is no longer the correct location.
Yes, it has moved to http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/cvs/

An official release for the import bug has not been generated.
You may either checkout a snapshot of the STABLE branch or
the FEATURE branch.

Read here for details: https://savannah.nongnu.org/cvs/?group=cvs

To checkout the STABLE branch ( use:

  export CVS_RSH="ssh"
  cvs -z3 -d:ext:anoncvs@savannah.nongnu.org:/cvsroot/cvs co \
    -rvcs1-11-x-branch ccvs

To checkout the FEATURE branch ( use:

  export CVS_RSH="ssh"
  cvs -z3 -d:ext:anoncvs@savannah.nongnu.org:/cvsroot/cvs co ccvs

Then build as per the instructions in the ccvs/README file and install
per ccvs/INSTALL ... be very certain to run the 'make check' step if
you are using a cvs checked out tree to be certain that everything
works on your server platform.

        Good luck,
        -- Mark
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