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[bug #14506] CVS 1.12.12 GSSAPI hang

From: Serguei E Leontiev
Subject: [bug #14506] CVS 1.12.12 GSSAPI hang
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2005 21:31:08 +0400
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Follow-up Comment #9, bug #14506 (project cvs):

Hi Derek,

I submit to bugzilla new version patch. Main goal this version - add simple
use regression tests for `gserver'.

1. I add to sanity.sh test `gserver'. This test create "Kerberos 5 sand-box
EXAMPLE.COM", and don't needed to Kerberos 5 infrastrukture. May be Your able
start this test on yours personal computer;

2. Compile gserver/client for Solaris 9/10;

3. Repair detected bugs.

This patch not ideal, but ideal solution need to improve other part of CVS.
This need to discussion:

a. Regress test need local user `client'. Because gserver authentication
start without root definition, gserver_authenticate_connection() can't use
CVSROOT/passwd for user maping. May be add command line option for point of

b. May be add documentation for gserver? Informationly I may 
add it, but languge :(.

c. Windows ports don't have gserver. Do you need add SSPI to CVS? This medium
work - 6-12 weeks.

d. Root command worked without any protection. May be start
encryption/indegrity check immediate after authentification by option `-x'
and `-a'?

For additional information see patchs for ChangeLog files.

Sorry for my best English.


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File name: gssapi-et-all-051002.patch     Size:50 KB
Patch for bug#14506, bug#14601, bug#14641, bug#14687 


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