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Re: ximbiot FAQ wiki & a new FAQ

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: ximbiot FAQ wiki & a new FAQ
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 14:58:11 -0400
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Thanks for your help!  My response is below.

Todd Denniston wrote:

> I am not greatly into editing wiki's so I decided to follow the advice at
>and post my suggestions here.
>I also noted in that section both of the text indicators
>"info-cvs@nongnu.org" have url's pointing at
>perhaps the text indicators should be "bug-cvs@nongnu.org"?

I fixed this, except I made both the URLs point to the info-cvs
information page.  This was my original intention.

>1) The links in
>perhaps should point to 
>as these copies still exist.
>Also I think references to 
>would be good general purpose CM links for best practices.

Done.  Thanks.

>2) In Larry's answer to "Re: Best practices for initial import and
>versioning" this morning, I recognized a question that I think has become
>reasonably FAQ.
>I think it belongs either under 
>"3 General Repository Administration" or "8 Other Questions and Unsorted
>Questions with answers"

I put this Q/A in almost verbatim, but I created a new "Source
Configuration Management Best Practices" section for it.  I also moved
the answer content of the SCM Best Practices question you suggested
changes to above into this section.

Thanks again!


Derek R. Price
CVS Solutions Architect
Ximbiot <http://ximbiot.com>
v: +1 717.579.6168
f: +1 717.234.3125

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