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Re: problems building feature release on windows

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: problems building feature release on windows
Date: Tue, 02 May 2006 21:30:51 -0400
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Kelly F. Hickel wrote:
> Hi,
>             I've been trying for the last day or so to build the feature
> release on windows (so that I can use Rational purify & quantify to look
> at some other issue).  I've had no luck at all.  I've tried 1.12.12,
> 1.12.13 and the tip of the trunk.  I've used VS .Net 2003 and VS .net
> 2005.  I've tried cvsnt.mak and cvsnt.dsp.
> The .dsp/.dsw files won't load into either version of VS .net that I
> have, it reports that the project files are corrupt.
> When I use the .mak files, I can get it to build if I add code for some
> of the wide character stuff (btowc, mbrtowc and wctype) which don't seem
> to be supplied.  When I do that the resulting .exe seems to work but
> doesn't actually do anything with any of the files in the directories of
> the repo.  So, if I do a co, I get all the directories and CVS
> directories, but no files.
> This stuff must build, right? I can download binaries that work fine, so
> someone must have built it......

That'd be me. I used Visual Studio 6.0 (yes, I know it's old :=)

I just refreshed the tip of the trunk, and it builds cleanly with VS
6.0. I don't believe 6.0 is supported by MS any more. It used to ship
with the MSDN (I haven't used MSDN in a year, so I couldn't tell you if
it's still there - probably not).

I don't have a recent version of Visual Studio .NET to test this on. I
have the discs, I just haven't installed it.

WRT the corruption reported by visual studio, check the line-endings. I
suspect the .dsp and .dsw files may have plain LF endings, rather than
CRLF. I could be wrong, though.

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