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problems with gserver and 1.12.13

From: Yves Dorfsman
Subject: problems with gserver and 1.12.13
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 11:39:55 -0600 (MDT)
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CVS runs fine with pserver, but with gserver, it works once, and then it
just hangs there:

cvs -t update
 -> main loop with CVSROOT=:gserver:cvslab:/cvs/root99/playground
 -> Connecting to cvslab(999.99.999.99):2401

The same machine running cvs 1.11 runs fine.
If I leave the machine alone for say a day, then I am able to make one
connection again (a co or an update), but then the subsequent ones just

I had originally compiled using Kerberos 1.4.3, then thought the problem was
with kerberos, so recompiled with KB 1.3.6, but get the exact same problem.

As I am writting this, I just had an idea:
If I do a kdestroy, than a kinit, than I am able to do another transaction,
but then get into the same problem again..... I'm running on Solaris 9, and
the MIT kerberos.

Has anybody else run into this ?
Any idea ?


Yves Dorfsman                                             yves@zioup.com

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