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From: w1e2r
Subject: (none)
Date: 18 Apr 24 11:40:25 AM

Dear Internet merchant,

Our Inter-Network of professional affiliates now features
several search engine placement and marketing firms.
Companies at the forefront of new and developing technologies
that provide top search engine placement and key word positioning.
We also can provide forien search engine placement, shopping mall
placement and op-in e-mailing services.

To receive a FREE report on how your site stacks up in the 15 top search
engines and
"How to get your site in front of 1 million shoppers tomorrow"
simply email us at: address@hidden with your name, phone number
and the URL you would like analyzed. You will be emailed the report plus

information on how to receive and maintain higher placement.

To be removed from our mailing list send an email to address@hidden  

This message is sent in compliance of the new email bill section 301.
Per Section 301., Paragraph(a)(2)(C) of S. 1618, further transmissions
to you by the sender of this email will be stopped at no cost to you.
Screening of address has been done to the best of our technical ability.

We fully respect your request for removal.

Best of Success

Internet Marketing Group

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