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Re: Running "chmod o-rx .*" in /root/ dir "FreeBSD"

From: Craig Carey
Subject: Re: Running "chmod o-rx .*" in /root/ dir "FreeBSD"
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 06:18:50 +1300

At 01.10.28 12:09 -0700 Sunday, Bob Proulx wrote:
>> This messages appeared at address@hidden
>> Maybe a special prompt should be produced to stop the problem described
>> below. The leading "." has got mixed with 2 different meanings:
>>   * hidden files start with "."
>>   * the directory above is ".."
>is a mailing list dedicated to the GNU fileutils package.  But you seem
>to be talking about shell wildcard expansion which is not done by
>fileutils but by your shell, probably /bin/sh, /bin/bash, /bin/ksh,
>expansion so that is probably not important.  Perhaps you meant to
>complain to one of the command line shell folks listed above?

Yes. I was not aware that this was a list. Where are the archives?.

Here is a way to fix the problem:


What happens when the command is chmod 000 .*

Case 1: When GLOBIGNORE=
   then all the files in the current directory with names starting with
   "." or ".." are made read only. Also so are the directories "." and

Case 2: When GLOBIGNORE=..
   then the .* and ..* files are also altered, and the "." and ".."
   directories are not altered.


So that "GLOBIGNORE=.." is maybe good enough at stopping the command
from affecting the directory above.


Craig Carey

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