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multi split utility

From: Calin Vatavu
Subject: multi split utility
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 15:14:38 GMT

Is there a "split" program that allows splitting a file into different size pieces ? Yesterday I've tried to burn a CD in DAO mode, which requires that all tracks have the size multiple of 2352. Since there's no truncate() system call that allows to discard data at the beginning of the file, using dd(1) command would require twice more disk space. With this small utility I've wrote you can read the raw sound data piped from mpg123 for example and split it in two pieces (written into two different named pipes). Then sox can read those pipes and convert the raw data into cdr format and write it to another set of pipes. Then cdrecord -dao should work just fine from the last pipes. (I know there's cdrdao there, but it doesn't work on my CDRW, and even if it did, it would not solve my (general) problem) My question is - is it possible this small utility (or something similar) to be included into fileutils. It would be nice to have a standard way to split a pipe in two (with different size data written to them)? Thanx

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