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ls: colors all executable files with C_EXEC color

From: JP Foster
Subject: ls: colors all executable files with C_EXEC color
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 13:46:24 -0000

I love GNU and esp the fact that I can do this:

I don't like the way the ls colors all files with the C_EXEC color
regardless of they type, is not that a job for -F :).

Anyways I've changed my version to act how I like, here is my ickle patch,
for anyone else that might feel the same.

diff -ur fileutils-4.1/src/ls.c ../sandbox/fileutils-4.1/src/ls.c
--- fileutils-4.1/src/ls.c      Sun Apr 29 10:42:47 2001
+++ ../sandbox/fileutils-4.1/src/ls.c   Thu Mar  6 14:38:34 2003
@@ -2903,7 +2903,7 @@

       /* Check the file's suffix only if still classified as C_FILE.  */
       ext = NULL;
-      if (type == C_FILE)
+      if (type == C_FILE || type == C_EXEC)
          /* Test if NAME has a recognized suffix.  */

165mph? Impossible Officer, I've only been out ten minutes, the valves are still dry.


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