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Re: overly zealous git hook

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: overly zealous git hook
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 18:21:41 +0200
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Hi Jim,

> >> Since I prefer that the hook continue to apply to all files
> >> for which I have a say, perhaps you'd like to itemize the files
> >> for which you want to allow trailing blank lines?
> >
> > Yes. These should be: modules/**/* and **/ChangeLog*. I believe it
> My point was that I'd like the existing hook to remain
> in effect even for modules files.  If you want to make
> exceptions for files you own, please itemize them so that
> you do not disable that part of the hook for others.

This suggestion is not realistic: This file list would have to be on
the server side (file info/attributes), and it would be going to change
regularly. You can't be bothered to change that list every couple of

The modules/* files, from the beginning in December 2002, are designed to
end in a blank line. Even the modules files that you wrote ought to follow
this definition.

Now git provides a "service", the git-apply checking, which combines a
useful feature (check against blanks at the end of a line) with an undesired
feature (check against blank lines at the end of the file).

I've asked the git developers if they can separate these two features into
two different whitespace control flags. Let's see how this works.

If that approach does not work, can you please add "modules/** -whitespace"
to info/attributes on the server? It's not the business of the version
control tools to dictate file formats, nor is it IMHO the business of the
server administrator to dictate file formats. The file format of module
description files has been defined in 2002, long before git came around.
For your own modules files, you can add extra checks to your local commit


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