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Re: [PATCH] My version of pipe-filter

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [PATCH] My version of pipe-filter
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 18:37:10 +0200
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Hi Paolo,

> Bruno, what do you think?

This implementation is one out of 4 possible ones. Thanks for having written
it; I will complete the two remaining ones.

> +extern struct filter * filter_create (const char *progname,
> +                                   const char *prog_path,
> +                                   const char **prog_argv,
> +                                   bool null_stderr, bool exit_on_error,
> +                                   char *read_buf, size_t read_bufsize,
> +                                   done_read_fn done_read,
> +                                   void *private_data);

Some applications will want to read each chunk of output from the child
process into the same buffer; some others will want to have it in a
different memory area each time. In the second case the done_read()
function will have to do a memcpy. To avoid this overhead, I introduced
the 'prepare_read' argument.

Also, the name of 'struct filter' is too generic for a data type defined
in a public header file and used only for a specific purpose. A more
specific name is in order, IMHO.

So, I'll try to combine your module with mine, and add the two missing
alternative APIs.


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