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SIGPOLL on Darwin

From: Reuben Thomas
Subject: SIGPOLL on Darwin
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 15:19:54 +0000

gnulib's extensions module turns on _DARWIN_C_SOURCE on Darwin.
Unfortunately, this means that SIGPOLL is not defined, and hence stops
POSIX-compliant code from building (SIGPOLL is mandated by POSIX). As
extensions is required by some quite basic modules (the project I have
in mind uses only manywarnings, sigaction and warnings), this means
that it looks like I have to hack around this.

Also, gnulib does not define _POSIX_C_SOURCE on Darwin, which is
necessary in order to get some POSIX features. (Even with
_POSIX_C_SOURCE set, _DARWIN_C_SOURCE overrides it and causes SIGPOLL
not to be defined.)

SIGPOLL seems to be unimplemented on Darwin, but I'm not sure that
matters to me, as I'm writing Lua bindings for POSIX APIs, so I really
want my code to work the same as C built with _POSIX_C_SOURCE only.

Is there anything to be done in gnulib, or do I have manually to
override its settings?


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